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3D Printing Solutions

In this modern and constantly changing world, there comes a time to turn your thoughts into ideas and then turn your ideas into reality - or Creality if you prefer.

At Printers and Parts Direct, we now offer you the option to explore your mind as we take you into the diverse world of 3D printers.

Sale of 3D Printers

Making your Ideas

Various shapes, functions and applications - Creality is able to suit all your printing needs.

3D Printer Servicing

Keeping you Going

Our hands-on technicians are ready to offer the services needed to keep both you and your machine printing.

3D Printer Repairs

Getting you Up

We also offer the support needed to repair your machine to prevent any further downtime.

Fil X and it's Properties

Fil X PLA is the flagship product of Fil X taking the 3D printing market by storm!


Through thorough testing and hours of diligence, Fil X is proud to present its 100% biodegradable PLA.

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is the holy grail of polymers as it is made from organic components such as sugar cane or maize, therefore making it incredibly environmentally friendly. However, the product is quite tricky to manufacture, so many companies add process additives to the product mix making it easier to extrude, thereby ruining the biodegradability of the product.

Often, when printing with contaminated PLA, there will be an odour as a result of the polymer additives in the product. Pure PLA is practically odourless.

Fil X is proud to bring their PLA filament to the market. Without any additives such as masterbatch or stabilizers to compromise the compostable properties of PLA, Fil X has developed a pure and clean PLA filament that is absolutely environmentally friendly and a pleasure to print with.


Fil X PLA 1kg rolls are 350m in length

Fil X recommends a Nozzle Temperature of 195 – 215°C

And a Bed temperature of 60°C

Did you know that you are in daily contact with SBS products such as the soles of your shoes or the tyres of your car? But how can SBS be used in FDM 3D printing?

SBS (Styrene-butadiene-styrene) has the unique properties of being both tough and flexible at the same time, thanks to its Polystyrene origin lending it a hard, tough consistency and the Polybutadiene giving it a bit more bounce with its rubbery properties.

This powerhouse combination offers, apart from good layer adhesion, no odour during printing and does not absorb moisture. Furthermore, it has been FDA and EU directive approved for food contact.

Fil X SBS filament is very easy to print with on a glass bed with some hairspray for better bed adhesion and best of all can be smoothed with d-limonene (also available from Fil X!) leaving you with a stunning finished product.



Fil X SBS 1kg rolls are 430m in length

Fil X SBS Glitter and Glow-in-the-dark Rolls are available in 215m rolls at 500g

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